Hello to all visitors. I’ve finally decided to put my thoughts in one place for all to see.

Born in Syracuse, NY
EST 2011

Currently living in Auburn, NY. As an artist im justGARRETT.

To all welcome and please share, critique and COME BACK.



  1. Garrett – I just love your new Jaguar Shooting Brake concept. My 14 year old son George Sears is a HUGE car/ sneaker guy. He spends many hours with pen and paper designing both sneakers and cars. Can you please recommend a way for him to get started designing digitally on the Apple platform? -software, hardware etc.

    By the way I own the only Jaguar Eventer ever made for the American market.

    Many thanks,

    Dan Sears

    1. thank you dan for the kind words. i apologize for such a late response. any mac should do as long as its probably late 2006 or better and photoshop is your best friend for what i do, but if he’s interested in personal designs you might want to look into illustrator as well. good luck and if you guys need any pointers please feel free to pm me.

  2. Love your work, justGarrett! Very cool, well-rendered images and of course the automobile design is undoubtedly a monumental art-form of our time.

    Would love to see a Targa variant of the 991 Turbo S – there were “rumors” a Turbo-Targa would be on display at the Geneva car show – if this was a Porsche leak to gauge interest, based on what I’ve heard, they’ll have plenty of incentive to build it.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Larry for stopping by. Unfortunately my laptop was damaged and I haven’t had the funds to fix or replace it. So that means I haven’t been able to render at all over the last few months.

      1. Sorry to hear that Garrett – I can relate, having just gotten mine functioning again after the first computer-less two-month period for, well, a lot of years!

        Do you know the extent of the damage?

      2. Unfortunately no. I took it to apple and I told them it had liquid damage and thir only solution is $1200 for all new internals. It still turns on I just have no display whatsoever.

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