West Elm Parsons Audio End Table for your iPhone and iPad


Apple seems to be controlling a lot more than just the tech world alone. Considering its devices and their respective features, even furniture designs seem to move in their direction. We earlier had inspirational furniture in the form of Horus pyramid table, iLounge coffee table. Something on the similar lines is the West Elm Parsons Audio end table, which is more than just a table. It’s a bedroom iPod and iPhone docking station with built-in speakers.

Carrying Apple’s signature style and finishing, the pearl white color of the table with its glossy exterior wooden lacquer stamps its authority of affinity with iPods and iPhones. With charging ports for both, there lies a built-in audio system which you can use to play audio content on your device, while you relax in your bedroom. Its wiring system can be easily connected to most common wall connectors, hence providing an easy device to put up. The 38-inch (width) x 27-inch (height) size shall give you ample space to keep your papers or other stuff on.

Except for a few additional care and assembly tips, there is nothing stopping it from being a part of your next shopping list, especially if you are an Apple freak. With a price tag of $400, a considerably large number of Apple fans can surely look to buy one of these.


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