Bentley’s solid gold sunglasses

While you might find some buyers who’ve stretched their finances from the S-Class or Jaguar they were going to buy to afford a Bentley, something tells us most Bentley drivers have got cash to burn. Burn on stuff like dinners at private clubs, plush leather smartphone cases, custom tailored suits and solid gold sunglasses.

Wait, what was that? That’s right, solid gold sunglasses – just the thing every Bentley driver should have, especially when riding in the new Continental GTC. Fortunately, Bentley offers just such an item, in conjunction with its (rather unfortunately named) merchandising partner Estede.

The sunglasses won’t keep you from contracting herpes or some other VD, but they will set you back at least $11,000 for the 18-karat white or rose gold frames, or upwards of $45k for the platinum ones. They’re all hand-made in Germany with Zeiss polarized lenses, and feature Bentley-designed details and individual numbers.

Only 100 examples of each will be made in various precious metals, and have apparently been selling out in markets like China, Hong Kong and Russia.


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